The primary objectives of the course are to study and analyze forces on a static particle, to study and analyze forces and moments on a static rigid body, to study and analyze forces, moments on, between multiple static rigid bodies, to study and analyze internal forces ,moments in a static rigid body.

Course Content

Week 1- Introduction to Course; Units; Newton’s Laws; General Principles of Mechanics
Week 2- General Principles, cont’d; Newton’s 2nd Law, Concurrent Force Systems
Week 3- Concurrent Force Systems, cont’d; Statics of Particles. Free Body Diagrams
Week 4- Moments; Parallel Forces and Their Resultants
Week 5- Centroids and Center of Gravity
Week 6- Centroids of Composite Bodies, Distributed Forces, Forces on Submerged Surfaces
Week 7- Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies
Week 8- Mid Term Exam I (up to end of week 6)
Week 9- Trusses, Frames, and Machines.
Week 10- Trusses, Frames, and Machines
Week 11- Internal Forces in Structural Members
Week 12- Shear and Bending Moment in Beams
Week 13- Friction
Week 14- Second Moments of Areas; Radius of Gyration


Course Materials

Course Materials

Textbook: Vector Mechanics for Engineers – Statics , by Beer, Johnston, & Eisenberg 8th ed.

Additional course material: Hibbeler RC, Engineering Mechanics: Statics, Prentice Hall, Twelfth Edition, Singapore, 2010.