Picnic with 3rd year students

CE department organized a picnic with 3rd year students and department lecturers on Tuesday, November 22, 2016.

Future Engineers Club FEst 2015

Student Clubs and Activities Office  organized on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 the second edition of Clubs Fest. In this event all students from Civil Engineering Department were given the opportunity to be informed with activity plans that the student clubs have for this academic year.

2nd Club Fest 2015

Site Visits with our CE Students

Field trips, site visits,  projects and competitions provide civil engineering students the opportunity to experience the real construction environment. They enable them to put theory into practice and gain invaluable knowledge. This page contains some examples of just a few of the recent trips students have been on.

These trips allow students to put theory in practice, working in small project groups on exercises to develop their professional skills and to broaden their related experiences.


Site Visits with CE Students

ISCCE 2012

Epoka University, Polytechnic University, University of Prishtina, Civil Engineering Departments “INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CONFERENCE OF CIVIL ENGINEERING ISCCE 2012” held in Epoka University, Tirana, Albania, on 10-11 May 2012.

During the ISCCE 2012 activities, students exchanged opinions and experience, and discovered new possibilities to understand and handle engineering problems or situations.

ISCCE 2012