Abstract –
Domes in traditional architectures were not only used alone as covering spaces but they were also used as a various combinations of semi-domes based on larger main and flanking areas. To determine the structural behavior and the load carrying mechanisms of the monolithic systems formed main dome, arches, pendentives and semi-domes is now possible through current numerical methods based on computer-aided analysis. One of the first steps to protect the historical buildings should definitely be to understand the structural behaviour of these buildings. In this study, considering the dome system and its geometrical features of Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul, the theoric roof systems with arches on four sides, arches on two sides and semi domes on two sides, semi domes on three sides and arch on one side and semi domes on four sides were statically analyzed under their dead loads by Structural Analysis Programme (SAP2000) based on finite element methods. As a result, the structural behaviour of main


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