Seismic pounding is the colliding action between two adjacent structures that occurs during
earthquake vibrations. Due to insufficient separation gap between buildings that own different dynamic
characteristics, structural damages to both structural and non-structural elements are magnified during the
impact of buildings. Since a country like Albania is considered to have moderate-size seismicity, it is
important to provide and check the necessary separation distance to avoid the impact between structures.
A parametrical approach is followed up in this study to evaluate the sufficient seismic gap in the middle of
two existent Reinforced Concrete (RC) structures. Ten pairs of structural models are analyzed in Sap2000
by using the Equivalent Static Force Method (ESFM). The change of structural parameters such as concrete
grade, seismic zone factor and story height are inspected to study the influence they have in the separation
gap between the structures. At the end, a comparison with a similar study is done and conclusions, as well
as recommendations for further studies are generalized.


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