In this study, the effects of confined concrete models on behavior of reinforced concrete structures are
investigated at member and system levels. The widely-accepted concrete models such as Modified Kent-Park,
Mander, and Saatcioglu-Razvi are considered. A four- storey structure was designed and detailed according to
1975 Turkish Earthquake Code to reflect a typical example of building stock in Turkey. The building was
considered to be in Earthquake Zone 1 and on Z3 Soil Type. Nonlinear behavior of the building frame was
modeled by considering the inelastic section behaviour of each beam and column elements for different concrete
class and transverse reinforcement spacing. The models were subjected to pushover analysis. The differences of
confined concrete models were investigated for both reinforced concrete member and system levels. At the end
of analyses, it was observed that although there were some differences at the section level, the effects of
confined concrete models were negligible at the system level.


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