Accurate depth of earthquakes needed for assessment of seismoactive layers which represents interest, especially in seismic hazard assessment. Assessment of seismoactive layers represents large interests for recognition of real depth of seismic energy generation. A shallow earthquake with low energy causes higher damage in buildings than a deep earthquake with higher energy. The database of this study are relocated earthquakes of period 2001–2021 that are in considerable numbers, and due to the digital equipment records errors in determining of the depths are less than 3 km. Based on the depths of earthquakes data is showed that the seismoactive layer in Albania earth crust has a bottom in the depth of about 20–25 km. By generalizing the data of the depths of the earthquakes the seismoactive layers in seismognic zones of Albania varying from 20 to 35 km. We can say that, these layers are promoters of seismic activity in Albania and can explain mobility of the earth’s crust blocks and generating earthquakes from this movement. Most seismic events across our country have occurred in the upper and middle crust of the earth. These results are a first step toward the assessment of seismic hazard.


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