In this study, the pertinency of different numerical techniques for the analysis of masonry structures is investigated on a full-scale masonry specimen. Two approaches are taken into account. Namely, the nonlinear FEM modeling strategy, based on the concepts of idealized bilinear material behavior and line elements connected by special joints, is used in the version implemented in the commercial software 3Muri[2]. The second method is developed with programme SAP2000 which offers wide possibilities in finite element method models. Using specific modeling tools of SAP2000 is intended to simulate nonlinear behavior of masonry and global response of the structure.
An overview of such numerical methods, as well as a brief description of their specific theoretical aspects, is provided in order to allow easy comparison. A simple 2 story structure is modelled in both SAP2000 and 3Muri software. The key is the modeling with plane elements that have different characteristics in horizontal, vertical, and shear behaviour. Using this method is performed a pushover analysis and the results are compared to 3Muri software results. It is shown that the results prove a reliable modeling strategy by giving very similar output results. Having into consideration the fact that 3Muri software has been calibrated with experimental tests, the modeling approach with SAP2000 offers a satisfactory solution for masonry.


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