Dr. Huseyin Bilgin is lecturer in Structural Engineering at the Department of Civil  Engineering at Epoka University, Tirana, Albania. He finished his PhD degree at the Pamukkale University, Turkey. He focused his teaching, research and professional experience on the area of structural and earthquake Engineering.

He has experience in industry, working in a team of colleagues as consultant engineer.  In this stage of his professional career he had the opportunity to work in the project of building structures, from their conception to the construction, performance assessment of existing structures mostly made of reinforced concrete but also of other structural materials as well as in several research projects on structures.

In 2007 he completed his PhD on the Seismic Performance Evaluation of Buildings Using Non-linear Analysis Procedures and Solution Methods. He has pre- and post-doctoral research experience in Turkey (Pamukkale University) and Albania (Epoka University), where he was involved in research projects on the  seismic response of building structures under earthquake excitation. In January 2013 he was appointed Associate Professor in civil engineering department at Epoka University.

His academic career started at the Pamukkale University, Turkey as a PhD candidate and it was further developed in 2008, when he was appointed as a lecturer at Epoka University. His teaching experience encompasses both undergraduate and graduate modules on Structural Dynamics, Earthquake Engineering and Structural Mechanics.

His main research interests are the performance evaluation and control of the dynamic response of structures under earthquake excitation through the use of different solution methods. New analysis techniques in earthquake engineering and structural vibrations, comfort criteria and the design of building structures are also among his other research interests.

Besides his academic activities, he has worked as the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering at Epoka University during September 2014-2017.