2nd CSCE, Italy

2nd CSCE 2015


2nd CSCE Conference, Rome, Italy

On 18-19 April 2015, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Huseyin Bilgin, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering, delivered his speech as an invited keynote speaker in the “Second International Conference on Advances in Civil, Structural and Construction Engineering – CSCE” which was held in Rome, Italy. Dr. Bilgin presented a speech about “Evaluation of  Analysis Procedures for Seismic Performance Assessment of Building Structures”.

In his speech, he compared the analysis procedures for seismic performance assessment and retrofit design of buildings structures. Use of Linear and Nonlinear procedures within the framework of displacement based seismic assessment process are discussed comparatively.

Researchers from 44 different countries participated in this event. The conference included presentations covering a broad variety of topics of Civil, Structural and Construction Engineering by Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors (IRED).